misfit monday: mountains

Over the weekend I went on a camping trip with a friend from Asbury and two friends we had met out in LA while those three were out there for school. We were in the Smokey Mountains, so I was glad to have mountains again, but it was a little sad that these weren’t my mountains. I miss LA and SoCal.

Anyway, it was fun, and saturday we went hiking on a rather well known trail up to the Chimney Tops, the last bit of which is rock climbing up to the top. It’s a 2 mile hike each way, and the trail label says “strenuous.” Yes, I’d say so.

Now, the other threes love love love taking photos. I love taking photos, but at the same time, I’m much more into being in the moment. So I don’t have tons of photos, but here are some of the best ones.


Thing two: The Olympics. What a cool opening ceremony. For sure. Also, I’m minorly in love with Ryan Lochte. Oddly enough, his voice and speech pattern is really similar to a friend of mine who is working at the London Olympics right now. Possibly at the swimming venue. Anyway, he’s really cute when he smiles. His whole face lights up and he has those awesome smile lines around his eyes, two of which I find really attractive, if you remember that blog post.

That is all.


One thought on “misfit monday: mountains

  1. You were hiking in the Chimneys!!! I went there for my 20th birthday 🙂 You’re right, it is strenuous, but the view from the top is pretty great.

    Let me know when you’re in town again! I’d love to see you!

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