handmade is a real thing

As I mentioned in my monday update, I found this tutorial online for how to hand-bind your own books. I had these two sketchbooks the same size (sketchpads actually) that were sort of just awkward for me, and I didn’t like them, so upon seeing this, I immediately thought of them and the fact that maybe I could actually use them now. So I immediately began working on this project, eager to have something like my own hand-bound book, especially since, as I also mentioned on monday, my moleskin is almost full.

It started with getting all the paper out of the sketchpads and sorting it into sets of 5 sheets, which I would fold in half. Then I had to mark each set of 5 for where I would punch holes. I improvised and used a finishing nail to punch those itty bitty holes in 13 sets of paper, which is  pain in the butt, however it worked out fine.

From there I took a needle and thread and went through all the holes up and down, which was also annoying. Lots of glue was involved after this, as well as borrowing my dad’s spray adhesive to attach fabric to the thin cardboard (the back of both sketchpads originally) I’d cut to be the front, back, and spine. More glue, some heavy fabric for binding stuff, some paint to personalize it, et voila, c’est fin.

All in all pretty exciting, and although I had to go back and reglue something, it’s not so bad. There are things I wish I did differently that I couldn’t have known without first making it. So if I decide to make another one at some point, well, I’ll actually know what to do.

I also learned that you can use a Prisma marker to blend Prisma color pencils. I just use a clear blender. While it doesn’t do a whole ton, it has a neat effect, as seen in the 2nd picture here. The first was watercolor pencils with the same blender marker. I blurred out the text because some of it is really personal, and other bits of it deal with the novel I’m attempting to write.

So yeah….. I made a sketchbook. A hand-bound sketchbook. With some Doctor Who stuff painted on.


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