Film Review: Chasing Mavericks

This one was more of a film I wanted to see because it looked fun. Also because I can’t always go see intense movies like Cloud Atlas.

It’s the story of Jay Moriarty, a NorCal kid who surfs, and finds out about these huge waves called Mavericks, thus deciding he wants to surf them just like the man he looks up to: Frosty. Frosty then agrees to train Jay to survive the waves. So the plot of this one is, all in all, very simple.

Throughout the film, you see both the main characters being forced to deal with their worst fears. Jay’s father left them when he was a kid, and Jay has an unopened letter from him that he’s afraid to open. Frosty has never been much of a family man, even though he has a family, and doesn’t really know how to be a dad. The relationship that develops between them is very much a father-son relationship, and you watch both characters grow through this, a side effect of Frosty and Jay training.

From a storytelling aspect, this film was very classic in delivery. Jay, the protagonist, has a physical goal and then there is  mental/emotional goal; he wants to surf the Mavericks and he has a limited time frame in which to train for it, but he also has to over come his fears relating to his father. There is a mentor figure, a love interest, contagonists (because they’re not actually antagonists); there are success and setbacks. There is loss and hope. And in the end, overcoming what seems to be insurmountable odds.

I really don’t have a whole ton to say on this film. It’s a well done, family friendly film with awesome surfing. Very enjoyable.


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