product photography

My sister is working on updating her online store, and asked me to photograph her products. It was a good exercise in working with a client and figuring out how to give her what she wanted.

You can find her store on her website.

Here are some of the best shots (or at least my personal favorites):

heidi store-19


Loki print and a detail shot. The original was done in Caran D’Ache color pencils.

heidi store-21


heidi store-22


Heidi has her MFA in Sequential Art from SCAD, and is working on a comic done in watercolor and color pencils, called Dealing With Trolls.

heidi store-13

heidi store-11


One of her biggest sellers are her gijinka Pokemon bookmarks. Vaporeon happens to be my favorite out of all of them, but everyone who sees them has a different favorite.

heidi store-9

heidi store-2

Heidi’s favorite happens to be Arcanine.


These were all shot with a Canon T4i on apperture priority, using 2 LED photography lights and a closeup lens. Edited in Adobe Lightroom, although with a Canon, you don’t have to do much editing.


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