Although I joke that I’ve been into art since I could hold a crayon, I didn’t actually start to get really interested in art as a whole until I was about ten. This coincided with anime starting to come over to the US, and it was so new and different that I wanted to be able to draw that too.

At thirteen, I was declared “gifted in the visual arts” by some state educational board when they did a portfolio review. At sixteen, I finally started taking more advanced art classes at my high school. From the moment I touched them, I fell in love with oil paints, and never wanted to touch anything else. Ever. By the time I was eighteen, I was considered on of the top three artists in a high school of 2700, and arguably the best in portraiture.

So of course I defied all expectations and didn’t major in art when I went to college, instead choosing film, which is an artform in and of itself. My art background has thoroughly helped me along, and although it’s still just a hobby to me, art is an integral part of me.


Check out my art in the connected pages!



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