Digital Art

At fifteen, I bought my first tablet. While digital art has never been my strong suit, I love it for two particular reasons: the undo button, and layers. Learning how to master these has been a headache the whole way, but with the right tools, my abilities as an artist are finally translating over into the digital format.

The two biggest advancements I made were when I bought a Wacom tablet originally, and then when I bought CS6 and started teaching myself how to paint in photoshop. Below are the pieces I’ve done since getting CS6.

What did I do before these? A lot of my earlier digital pieces were done at online Oekaki BBS boards, and occasionally I used Corel Painter. However, I never really felt like I was getting what I wanted in Painter, and just didn’t mesh well with it. Everyone starts somewhere, and the further down you go, the more you’ll start to see that.



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