screenplay scene 1

A large, silver spaceship has crash landed onto foreign soil of an orange color. The metal is twisted and crushed in some places, but a large exit door, open, remains in tact. The sky is a brilliant indigo, and the mountains around the prairie are a deep red with white cresting at the top. The wind is blowing across a golden grass that resembles wheat.

ES of the crash from above.

I was the first human to see foreign soil.

WS of open door and AMELIA standing in the doorway.

MS of AMELIA as she turns to look over her shoulder warily into the ship.

I am the only human to see foreign soil.

ES of scene from AMELIA’S view. The land is lush, and a pale aqua lake is shimmering in the distance. The sun is low in the sky, and two moons are already visible. The sun does not seem to be setting.

The sun never sets here. Ironic. Our sun set on Earth hundreds of years ago. But the sun here never rises, just as the sun will never rise on us again.

WS of AMELIA walking through a long, wide hall on the ship. It is well lit, although made mostly of a dark metal, and lining the walls are pods with plexiglass showing what resides inside. A human body, pale, covered in frost, with eyes closed, resides in each. Next to each, machines monitor heart rate and respiratory rate. All seem to be alive.

MS of AMELIA as she runs her fingers along the plexiglass, bulging out like a bubble. She seems either emotionless or numb to the whole thing.

CU of fingers as they stop at a particular pod.

CU of AMELIA looking up at it, camera inside the pod, seemingly.

MS from behind AMELIA of an empty pod. Name above pod reads AMELIA WILLOWS.

I was the only one who woke up. They’re all alive, I think. I don’t even know how long any of us were like this before I woke up.

WS of AMELIA sitting in a different hallway, looking up at a set of pods.

MS from behind AMELIA. Names on pods all read WILLOWS as the surname.

CU of AMELIA’S face as she stares longingly at the pods.

MS from beside AMELIA. SFX of beeping are heard. AMELIA gets up and walks away from camera.

MS from beside AMELIA as she walks down another hallway, and enters into the cockpit.

WS of cockpit as AMELIA enters, looking at the console where a light is flashing in time to the beeping. AMELIA pushes the button.

Are you out there? Are you out there? Are you out there?

CU of AMELIA as she stares in horror and wonder. VOICE has faded into the background, still repeating.

I’m here. I’m out here.

We are from planet Earth. On this satellite, we have information about our home.

I’m from Earth.

Are you out there? Are you out there? Are you out there?

VOICE fades into the background.

The first human contact with the stars, and it was received by a human, millenia after it was sent out.


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